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The Message In Music... a weekly radio series that connects listeners to an "experience" with issues that really matter in our lives.

  • Each program is approximately one-hour long.
  • Shows are based on a particular theme such as Joyful Activity, the Beauty of the Peoples, Recognition, Woman & Man, Death & Butterflies, Childlikeness, Silence, Ascent, Once Upon A Time..., Faith, The Struggle for Freedom, etc. Topics will also include seasonal content: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Independence Day, etc.
  • "The Message In Music" is 60% music and 40% talk.
  • The host presents and discusses each topic with insight and humor, making the series both educational and entertaining.
  • The music selections represent "best-in-class" examples and recordings from a wide range of styles: classical, jazz, show, pop, rock, world music, etc.
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