This is exactly the type of program that should be on NPR.
Murray Horwitz, Director
American Film Institute
(former Director of Cultural Programming, National Public Radio)

The country needs The Message In Music for its soul.
Jenny Northern, Senior VP
WCLV Radio, Cleveland

The Message In Music is simply the most intelligent program on radio.
Dick Hyman, Jazz Pianist and Film Composer

We are thrilled to be airing your program.
It makes me stop and think every time I hear it.
Don LeBrun, Station Manager
WKXL Radio
Concord, New Hampshire

I was blown away by your show. What beautiful work you continue to do…
Carolyn Craft, former Director
Wisdom Radio

Each program is a winner every time. I don’t know how you do it.
Senator Gordon Humphrey
New Hampshire

I just finished listening to the program, “The Future”: it’s
fantastic. You’re so articulate. Your grasp of a wide range of
literature, of cultures, of history, it all comes together here. The
show flowed so well and naturally. It was just wonderful.
RA, Ohio

Your dialog was superb, and I fully appreciated the truth and beauty
that was communicated over the airwaves and the Internet.
RG, New Hampshire

That show is great! It develops simply and steadily, and has a neat
twist at the end.
SB, Ohio

I was transported by your show [“Friendship’]. It really made me slow
down, take some time for myself and consider
what’s important in my life.
CG, West Virginia

I listened to “Generative Power”… Wow! What an inspiring program!
GO, Ohio

Sometimes when the kids and wife have gone to bed, I get out my
laptop, plug in some headphones, and listen to your programs online.
I never tire of them.
IH, Toronto

Your programs teach me how to understand what the music is saying—and
that’s awesome! It’s like a whole new universe has opened up for me!
EH, Ohio

My wife and I just listened to “Paradise,” and must say that we
enjoyed it very much! Your voice and rhythm are excellent, as well as
the text itself! It is artistic, inspiring, but yet simple and
accessible to all.
NC, Quebec

Wow! This is exactly what people need today.
RY, Ohio

Very cool program!
SS, Kentucky

I’m able to get it streamed beautifully. It sounded great.
RM, France

Although in my eighties I am relatively new to computers and even
more so to the web. But I have so very much enjoyed your music
programmes which I listened to for the first time today, that I felt
I must write and tell you so!
FH, United Kingdom

Cool mix of music. And it works!
EN, Ohio

Where can I buy these programs?
FO, Florida

I stumbled on your site while surfing the net. Can I buy a complete
set of the shows?
UO, London

I just heard your program over the Internet. I wish we could get it
in my country.
EO, Nigeria

The Message In Music is the next Adventures In Good Music,
only better!
DY, Ohio