"THE FUTURE" playlist:
part I: listen now!
part II: listen now!
  ° Show Opening: ’49”
° lyrics "Main Theme from The Jetsons" (Hoyt Curtin): 1’36” buy CD now!
  ° Dialogue 1: 4’09”
° "The Waltz of the Prophets" from Artistry in Rhythm (Dee Barton): 6’23” buy CD now!
  ° Dialogue 2: 2’34”
° "The Celestial City" (Gian Carlo Menotti): 4’07” buy CD now!
  ° Dialogue 3: 3’39”
° "Also Sprach Zarathustra" (Richard Strauss): 1’46” buy CD now!
  ° Dialogue 4: 2’49”
° lyrics "Aquarius" from Hair (James Ragni, Gerome Rado, & Galt Macdermot): 2’31” buy CD now!
  ° Dialogue 5: 1’28”

station break

part III: listen now!
part IV: listen now!
  ° Dialogue 6: 0’49”
° lyrics "Pilate's Dream" from Jesus Christ Superstar (Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice): 1’26” buy CD now!
  ° Dialogue 7: 4’34”
° "Main Theme" from Back to the Future (Alan Silvestri): 4’34” buy CD now!
  ° Dialogue 8: 5’25”
° lyrics "On a Clear Day, You Can See Forever" (Burton Lane & Alan Jay Lerner): 2’07” buy CD now!
  ° Dialogue 9: 1’41”

° read it! "A Sound of Thunder," Ray Bradbury's classic short story of how the future can be changed by meddling with the past... buy book now!

° read it! Here's a fascinating excerpt from Tom Kay's book, "When the Comet Runs," which describes what it was like sitting through midnight mass in St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome, on December 31st, 999, as a new millennium was about to begin. Unfortunately, most people thought it was also going to be the beginning of THE millennium!... buy book now!




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